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Buying a house is one of the most stressful things you will probably experience. In this blog we will help you dispel the myths and how to become a smarter house buyer.

The whole process is flawed with many problems. Remember it’s now more difficult than ever to obtain a mortgage. Even if you are a cash buyer someone else down the chain will require a mortgage.

Remember you are in charge not anyone else. Having said that we must remember one thing. It is the estate agents job to sell the house. Even though they are acting for the buyer they are here to help you-especially if they are a local estate agent.

We must understand it is essential the agents sell property in order to make a living. Now I have been in this industry for almost 25 years. I have seen in that in this time estate agents working hard to make the sale go through. If I said to you ” there is a much easier way to make the process much much easier. What if you had a guide. What if you had some one looking over your shoulder.

What if you were privileged to 25 years experience. Well now you can have all that- for the price of a takeaway you moving house experience is now easier.

Buy the book how to be a smarter house buyer available from:

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You can have a smoother house moving experience – if you have any questions check out our website www.surveys4you.co.uk 

Why did I write a book? To share my passion about surveying and to help the housing market and the people struggling in that market. 

Jon Charters-Reid here to help you.