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Housing Crisis


In 1919, the Addison act known as the housing and town planning act was passed.

This obliged local councils to address the housing needs of the time. Little progress was made due to the shortage of building materials. Using newly trained De mobbed labour still made the process slow.

Through various evolution of these acts and post war economy and towards 1940 the prefab Home was introduced. Many families who survived bombing between 1940 and 1945 were homeless.

It’s only now that 21st Century that the construction industry is learning from this ancestral process. What is required in my view is the earliest and widest adoption of this process under a modern spin. Imagine the 21st century prefab made from light weight walls and roofs covered in photovoltaic panels -producing almost free electricity.

Ground source heat pumps for heating and hot water. This reliable construction which only serves to protect the environment and save the Earth is a missed opportunity by successive U.K. Governments. If you feel strong about the planet or perhaps you are struggling to get on the housing ladder please share this and let’s see if it can reach the Government.

Saving your world “The Yorkshire Surveyor”