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We often hear people say that they require a building survey or a full structural survey, but don’t want to pay a lot of money. They also have other companies that are carrying out building surveys that are really ridiculously cheap. Unfortunately “get what you pay for” company that is offering these services are either not qualified and using a building survey document for example that don’t have a degree in building surveying, or they are not chartered building surveyors with over 25 years experience in the residential sector.

The report which these organisations are offering, simply consist of a handful of pages with very little detail. Would you ask an unqualified doctor to carry out a health examination on yourself or an unqualified mechanic to work on your car? In both cases the answer is no, so why would you want someone with less experience offering a cheaper survey to inspect your most valuable asset….your home?

If the person carrying out the cheap surveys are not a qualified, a chartered building surveyor or chartered engineer, then our view is that you are been hoodwinked!

On many occasions we often get asked to provide a building survey report where they have already a instructed a person pretending to be a building surveyor. As it turns out, the person who carried out the report wasn’t correctly qualified and therefore they were to identify certain structural defects or remedies.

In the end you’ll end getting a bonafide survey, but by this time you will have paid twice!