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For those of you selling your house, if you want to sell it a lot quicker one of the best things you can do is obtain an electrical check.  Most surveyors will request this, and so will your solicitor, usually during the conveyancing process.  This is often seen as a helpful assistance to house buyers.

Electrical checks are relatively inexpensive to obtain, and a small investment like this will probably save you a whole lot of heartache.

Sewerage Treatment Plants

Many rural properties are not connected to mains drains.  They are either on a septic tank cesspit or sewerage treatment plant.  The sewerage treatment plant featured in this video literally cleans the sewerage and turns it into a fine clean silt, which can then be drained away to water course or soak away.  It is often best to get professional installation of these and this particular tank was installed by RA Dalton.

Some of these systems need electrical connection, as they have a small pump inside them.

More traditional systems work on a gravity fed system, and if maintained and repaired correctly they should last a long time.

As we have over 200 years’ experience in our practise of surveying properties we understand all types of drainage systems and we are able to offer you the clear advice that you need.